Workbench Viking Comfort Set 1 ESD, 1200x700 mm with Workbench lighting, additional shelf

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VKG-Comfort SR-12-7 Set 1 ESD

Workbench Serie VIKING Comfort 1200 x 700 mm with Workbench lighting, additional shelf in ESD

SR Comfort Workbench

These workbenches offer advanced ergonomic characteristics.

Height adjustment:  800-950 mm

Load capacity:  200 kg

Temperature resistance:  300°С


PO Main shelf

Rear racks included.

Height adjustment: 1000 — 1850 mm

Load capacity: 50 kg

DL/A Workbench lighting

DL/A Workbench lighting is placed in an aluminum case with 2 energy-efficient luminescent 54 W lamps, light direction regulation and shadowless reflector provided. Quick switching on without shimmering, no strobing freeze.

Length: 1200 mm

Height adjustmentable

Illuminance at 1000 mm distance:

1200 lux central

800 lux peripheral


Optional drawer units

Storage solution for tools and components, no place on floor required.

490×233×580 mm


Included in delivery:

VKG SR-12 Com - 1 Stk.
VKG PO-12-3 - 1 Stk.
VKG DL-12/A Com - 1 Stk.
VKG TP-02/P - 1 Stk.

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Catalog-Nr.VKG SR-12 Comfort ESD, VKG PO-12-3 ESD, VKG DL-12/A Comfort, VKG TP-02/P ESD
ESD equipmentESD-Arbeitsplätze
Lead time6-8 Wochen